A little bit about the Oromo people…

Population size: Over 30 million

OromiaArea: 370,000 km squared (about twice the size of England)

Country: Oromia

Capital: Finfinne (also known as Addis Ababa).

The Oromo people are an ethnic group of Cushitic who reside in Oromiyyaa- the largest region in Ethiopia, Northern Kenya, some part of Somalia, and in many more other overseas countries. The entire population consists of eight distinct sub-groups, which are Borana, Barentu, Wallaga, Jima, Illu Abba Bora, Hararge, Arsi and Wallo.

Before the nineteenth century, the Oromo practiced their own democratic way of life through a system known as the Gadaa system. The Gadaa system is a highly developed, self sufficient system which has influenced every aspect of the society in the past. It’s a system that guided the religious, social, political and economical aspects of the Oromo people for centuries. Read more on the Gadaa system here.

Although the Oromo people are more than capable of leading its own people in a democratic way, as it already did in the past, they have been victims of the consecutive dictator ruling parties since the nineteenth century. Read more here.

OLF is an organization that primarily fights for the Oromo people’s freedom. It was formed about 40 years ago by brave Oromo nationalists who were willing to give their lives to free their people. Its headquarters are based in the USA, and you can visit their homepage here.

Please note: the Ethiopian government does not provide the public with certain information, including population size of different groups within the country for various reasons.